Wednesday, April 24, 2019

amphitrite cull wull seng liss

by the sunshine
this pure anthracene
as in the grove at byblos
is willfum tomp to a skay
and reels to a leaf
under a benzene

in the phoenician headlamps
there are many
versions of your adonis
alizarin walks with blind-coal
as mars and venus met
in the grove at byblos
themes in a place lace
as bybliades
they fill up the sunshine
with an asyndetic catalogue

rebus remus cumba fretum
the things of the oar
floating on the water
gurges nota anchora
the storm known anchor

amus pumex

conchae vada litus harena
contus seta salum calamus
nota retia suber

shells on the beach
sand shoals
the reed pole sets
salt notes
in the net of cork

vilis iners
cheap and lazy
scaevus turpis
stupid and ugly

rash and ardent
the lost garden
its themese
the weird scylla
the cabetoad abundance
we imagine them all

put together differently
cork horn knuckles

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