Wednesday, April 24, 2019

cabbage beans in the gray sand

blue hæmelon oozarellel
achieving the cause
of the eyelids inherent
to creation
the ruins of the sky
con imminenzo e inquietoad

yellowyellow dance mania
i want to see and live it live
receive boxes and bags for use
in survival

a beast grinding beans
in a mortar of mud
questions if causality
is a dance

the eyeball covered jellyfrogs
are yoked between horned biers
the organs of electromagnetism
glow with twisted and perverse

choose electricity
creativity opens up
dull grey electricity
creativity opens no dance
air can tolerate time
and the jellyfish cow

the eyeball covered jellyfrogs
dance in a maenadic corybantic
matisse circle while cool blue
chameleon odalisques look on
wearing their tall thin and transparent
butterfly hats the living probosci
flicking out to catch the ambient perfume

boy enters factory
pours acid
burns ovens
pumps lightnings
removes air
into a dull grey box
under a heavy blank dome

euphoria can be darker
than the body-friendly
flute and tree pump

Dear Anemia
I will be in Yellow Farm with Yoyo Ma the New Yorker The left side of the left side of the left side of the left jellyfish in which oil menadiks and peace are burnt the tooth medusa dentists burns in money as well as eye dancing in the machine sun which will be broken

the sun-hatched peasants are white spoils
and transparent leaves are covered with other cars
on the road but destroy the father's wounds

as for cooling the boats to cover the oil far from the door
the pepper riding music Luena toothpaste and other people
show up and donate their eyes the eyes of the blind

Air-air cola beer and its door-to-door electrical transfer door
And the Nigel Jail Collector's Ovens Wig App Pump ogles
heat-colored pellets and white software which slipped a thin one
in white and white it's just a safe and electromagnetic capsule
just a lively dancing musical and lively life

You can get the Disabled door has been removed
from his viewing beer He lives surrounded by them the peas
the peas were drowned

Defend them safely to defy the urine
The soil're destroyed only fake Kurubuhatti with sprinkled electromagnetic rear gas pump housing

peas shampoo a pump of wine
and Matisse and white bees for a living
The other drinks colored gourmet maps
are quite white

beef peas

Creating a mild blue

Fitonins are more powerful
than protein
a protein that can destroy proteins

jellyfrogs eyeball argust
Chili Tree
luena toothpaste the other people

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