Wednesday, April 24, 2019


the count colds cue in a fine white suit
and in its long split tails
the snake dispatches are known only
to lines by a tripod in vacuum

lines enter this inclination
and at the tumultuous summit
a bargain is struck
the brass ingots are carefully laid
and each imprinted
with the words of a stepping stone

there are no royal numbers
excepting the exceptional
and the hyperbolic uniqueness
which is distributed equally
between all forms of numbers

the count in remainders catches up
to the dreaded dispatches
and in them marks of O
circular marx
in which the parole
operates in manx

even a gliding down
from the summit reveals
an uprising
the conflicted masses
yoke these hidden craters

all alone in the rocks
the bride reaches her gannets
and the pattern on her boots is sheltered
from the long wind of the father
the filigree boat of the mother
skipping gingerly
through the clouds
holes where there are no paths

droplets to engulf meteors
mirrored wedges of waters
to be surrounded
by the nesting colonies of statues
their breaths
gander in the root
and engender
fresh tourists

it is a bird's eye view of heligoland
in the moment of the big bang
this voracious appetite
goads the long blue egg

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