Wednesday, April 24, 2019

robber birds

in good
noise table time
sweet fire no
door to unhinge
whale and paddywhackett
their life in scrivening
noise miscreant
the table which cannot be subdued
in good time
some dude went on
lady hour flower power sour
the miraculous wimp or the conspiracy
brew tea indian mountains
your skin is falling off
fish face
particles particles particle
and one to grow in
atahuallpa sings his little song
to pizarro / oh little finch
old cinnabar and robber harvests
are everywhere in this gay piano
noise table time (it's)
and there were many buildings
facing out from the escarpment
apartments that could be inserted
or removed (cassettes) and each
with their own game loving walrus family
attended by regularly uncoiling
and recoiling curlicue-bots
this hair is all island
sandy navel gavel graffito
all noise all whale colored noises
all moose-walrus
and ivy crane faced
all thick high-speed
totem pole launchings

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